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UPCOMING Webinar Series:
Preparation for International Job Market

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Recent Webinar Series:
Successfully Navigating the Revision Process

AMA HigherEd SIG's 90-minute webinar on “Successfully Navigating the Revision Process”.


Learn how to revise a manuscript to enhance its contribution, language & tone needed in the response, how to avoid alienating #reviewers & #editors, how to clarify the enhancements to the paper, & how to handle methodological concerns. Revising a manuscript and addressing reviewers’ and editor(s)’ concerns can involve different skill sets than what was needed in developing the initial manuscript. In this webinar, two experienced Associate Editors will provide their insights on the strategy needed to navigate the revision process successfully. The topics covered will include how to revise a manuscript to enhance its contribution to the field, the language and tone needed in crafting the response, how to avoid alienating reviewers and editors, how to make it clear how the paper was enhanced, and how to handle methodological concerns.


Speakers: Park Thaichon, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Marketing at University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Park Thaichon is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Southern Queensland, and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University. Park's research, teaching, and consulting focus on digital marketing, technology, relationship marketing, and consumer behaviour.  He can be contacted at


Rajesh Iyer, Ph.D. (Caterpillar Professor of Marketing and Department Chair; Director of International Business, Foster College of Business, Bradley University), Dr. Iyer is the Caterpillar Professor of Marketing at Bradley University. Dr. Iyer’s research is focused in the areas of consumer information search and decision-making, customer relationship marketing, societal issues in the business environment and global marketing.  He is currently serving as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. He can be contacted at

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HigherED SIG Special Session Papers


HigherEd SIG's Special Session at the 2023 Winter AMA Conference focused on doctoral research in consumer behavior.

Congratulations to Justin Sieow and Christina Kan from the University of Connecticut for winning the Best Paper Award and to Parth Salunke and Varsha Jain from MICA for winning the Best Runner-Up Paper for our track!

Also, a special thanks to Dr. Jackie Eastman, Co-Editor, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, and Dr. Rajesh Iyer, Associate Editor, for attending the sessions and providing their invaluable feedback to doctoral students.

As part of our partnership with the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, the special session at AMA is tied to JCB’s special issue "Marketing to Evolving Consumers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".


For doctoral students who missed the opportunity, do check out the Call for Papers ( for more information. You can also reach out to special guest co-editors, Dr. Aqilah Jahari and Dr. Ashley Hass.


The deadline is August 15, 2023.

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